Peace and welcome to!  I am the one and only Edgar Allen Floe, born Daryl Sams, and for those who don’t know me, I am a hip hop musician from North Carolina.   Hip Hop fanatics may know me from the NC hip hop collective called The Justus League, which began back in 1999.  I am a songwriter, producer, music label owner, engineer, mentor, father, husband, and all around supporter of positive actions.

To give you a brief background on me musically…I’ve been recording songs since high school, and have always had a strong passion for music.  Even if I wasn’t recording or releasing my own material, I know for a fact that music would always be a major part of my life. To give you an example…Back in elementary school, while all of my classmates brought with them their newest GI Joe, Voltron, or Transformer for “Show and Tell”, I would actually get up in front of the class and recite LL Cool J songs, word for word!  Now mind you, I was always considered the shy one as a child, but somehow I would love to express myself in front of others when it came to music.  Now THAT is what you call LOVE!  lol

I created this site to showcase my music, just like any other artist would.  But…I also wanted to display the TRUE me…more than just a musician.  So this is why I decided to build the site with posts relating to topics that are of value to me, such as healthy eating (13 year vegetarian right here) and motivational speaking.

I want to build with people that are open to listening (well…reading) what I have to say.  If I can continue to motivate someone with my thoughts and logic, in addition to my music, then we’ve BOTH won in this crazy world!

So with that said, please support this site and be sure to subscribe.  You can also subscribe to the upcoming Newsletter below!  Thanks again for taking the time to listen.